Internet Of Things

IoT is revolutionizing enterprises and businesses with availability of information through devices and sensors that need to be processed at the edge and the fog, and be made available to business workflows.

Proximity Integration

Drive customer experience and trigger business workflows using proximity information and triggers from Beacons, RFID, and proximity sensors.

Logistics and Asset Tracking using RoboMQ

Learn about how you can use RFID stickers, tags and RoboMQ integration to the backend CRM, ERP, and warehousing & asset management systems to manage and track your assets and improve order management, delivery & shipment to increase customer satisfaction and achieve better customer and supplier relationships.

IoT Analytics

Visualize your device and sensor data in near realtime with a simple and elegant drag and drop of widgets with no programming needed. The same stream of data can be processed by other workflows or be sent to other systems.

Tracking wildlife with RoboMQ

With the rapid expansion of sensors, devices, and interconnected applications, you can track wildlife, their habitat and how human activity affects it to make the world a better place!!

Mission Control

With Mission Control, you can manage, monitor, and control all your devices, services, and critical infrastructure including the ability to run realtime diagnostics and blacklisting of devices and services.

Robot Firefighter that wears a Fitbit…

A Robot Firefighter that wears a Fitbit for you (so you can get a discount on your insurance), and drives an Uber (to make you some additional cash) to the grocery store to do all your shopping (so you don’t have to… unless you want to)

Edge computing

Process IoT data at the edge of the network and gateways, or at the fog, while it is being moved to the cloud, or the enterprise systems, through chains of docker containers to create insights and actionable information.